Want to go CASHLESS at the Truman Waterfront

Park Amphitheater bars during Mile 0 Fest?

Paying with your wristband is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step One – Register

  • Register your wristband at and link your card to your wristband.  Set up a private PIN for security purposes and you are all set!
  • Or you can – Register your wristband onsite at one of our CASHLESS Kiosks

Step Two – Order 

  • Once inside the Amphitheater order from any of our bars

Step Three – Tap

  • When it is time to pay, tap your wristband, choose tip amount, enter your PIN and GO!


GO to, you will then be asked for the unique code printed on the back of your wristband.  This code is CASE sensitive. You will be asked for an emergency contact, you can list yourself or someone else. This is just one additional security measure.   

After entering your wristband ID number, you will create a unique 4-digit PIN to use when paying with your wristband.  This is an exclusive PIN of your choice that will be needed to complete all purchases.  (this is not to be confused with your debit card PIN)

Enter remaining information as prompted – your email is requested in order to send you receipts for each of your purchases. 

Are you a VIP? 

If you are a Platinum or Gold VIP attendee your $100 Mile 0 Fest Bucks have been pre-loaded on your wristband.  If you expect to spend more than $100 Mile 0 Fest Bucks at the Amphitheater Bars, then go ahead and register for CASHLESS.  This way once your ‘TOKENS’ (Mile 0 Fest Bucks) are all gone, you will still be able to use your wristband to easily pay at the Amphitheater bars with your credit or debit card associated with your cashless acct.  If you DO NOT wish to go CASHLESS your Mile 0 Fest Bucks are still good on your wristband.  

Do I have to pre-load a certain dollar amount?

Nope, this will work just like your debit or credit card. 

Can I still pay with cash and Credit/Debit Card? 

Yes, absolutely.  This is just one added convenience for those attendees who would like to participate and GET BACK TO THE PARTY FASTER! 

Is going CASHLESS safe? 

Yes!  It works in conjunction with your debit or credit card, so it carries all the same security features and protection.  You will also set a PIN during the registration process, so no one else will be able to use your wristband or your Mile 0 Fest Cashless account without your PIN. 


  • Works at Amphitheater Bars? Yes
  • Works at the Merch Booth?  No
  • Works with Vendors at Amp?  No
  • Works at other venues outside the Amp?  No
  • Is it its own Credit Card?  No 
  • What if I lose it or it gets damaged – Don’t Panic, that is why you have a PIN. Your PIN will guarantee no one else can use your Mile 0 Fest Cashless acct. If a wristband is lost or stolen at the event please go to Mile 0 Fest Information Center. 
  • Can I have multiple wristbands linked to the same Credit or Debit Card?  Yes.  
  • Does the wristband have to be registered to the same person that the CASHLESS acct belongs to?  No